Governance and organization

Axfood takes a business approach to its work on sustainability matters. A key part of this strategy is to integrate issues in the business activities and to promote involvement throughout the organization.

Axfood’s Executive Committee and Head of Environment and Social Responsibility work on an overarching Group level with strategies, overall goals and measures, and follow-up. Axfood's board of directors addresses sustainability issues from a strategic perspective. The environment and social responsibility are cornerstones of Axfood's business strategy.

To be able to work in an integrated fashion, it is important that the individual companies within the Axfood Group have operational responsibility for their own sustainability work. Sustainability coordinators have been appointed in all of Axfood’s companies. It is also important to gradually raise the employees’ competence in the area of basic knowledge about sustainability issues as well as Axfood’s commercial benefit from being an industry leader in sustainability issues.

Latest update: 3/3/2014 2:35 PM