Development and career opportunities

All Axfood employees are required to participate in an annual performance review with their immediate superior. The aim of these reviews is for managers and employees to have a dialogue on the employees' development, goals, expectations and performance. The reviews are also an excellent occasion to check how well we are adhering to our core values. The goal is to encourage and enable our employees to develop and grow with our companies.

One way for Axfood to contribute to employee development is to broaden its training initiatives in various areas, such as the environment and knowledge about perishables. We also take a structured approach to management succession within the Group, entailing an annual inventory of potential leaders within the Group and identification of who is ready to take on a leadership role. A trainee programme for prospective store managers is designed to secure access to future talent. The programme entails a mix of training, internships and projects for employees seeking development opportunities and who are ready to take on greater challenges.

Latest update: 3/3/2014 2:25 PM