Åsa Domeij is Head of Environmental Affairs at Axfood. With her degree in agricultural sciences, many years’ experience in environmental issues and huge commitment, Åsa addresses current issues in the industry.

With an eye on water used for food production

Posted date: 28 August 2015

World Water Week is a huge conference that focuses on the world’s water supply, and it’s taking place in Stockholm right now. As most of us know, access to water plays a crucial part in the worldwide production of food. That’s why efficient water management is important in order to maintain sustainable food production. In Sweden water isn’t a very large issue, even though local problems may occur. However, it can be absolutely critical for food production in other countries. And seeing as the food retail market sells food from all over the world, this makes water a very important sustainability issue. When you consider that a supermarket sells thousands of different products, this becomes a real challenge. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for the industry to check in with each and every grower in order to see that their methods of cultivation use an optimal water management solution. But since this water issue is both important and challenging, Axfood and other companies in the food retail and food industry market are co-operating in a common water initiative led by SIWI. We met in conjunction with the water conference in order to plan the work that’s required in order to handle the certifications required to make informed choices when choosing suppliers. Another interesting thing is to check how efficient the already existing certifications are when it comes to water management. If we can find and improve an existing option, this would be faster than creating a completely new one. How efficient are Rainforest, Fair Trade and UTZ etc. when it comes to water management?
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