Åsa Domeij is Head of Environmental Affairs at Axfood. With her degree in agricultural sciences, many years’ experience in environmental issues and huge commitment, Åsa addresses current issues in the industry.

With an eye on water used for food production

Posted date: 28 August 2015  0 Comments

World Water Week is a huge conference that focuses on the world’s water supply, and it’s taking place in Stockholm right now. As most of us know, access to water plays a crucial part in the worldwide production of food. That’s why efficient water management is important in order to maintain sustainable food production. In Sweden water isn’t a very large issue, even though local problems may occ...

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Hemköp Reko Opens

Posted date: 12 May 2015  0 Comments

Hemköp has opened a Reko store at Torsplan in Stockholm. The store is a mix of café and supermarket. The best thing of all is the wide range of organic and Fairtrade products. Organic products are flying off the shelves and sales of organic products increased faster in 2014 than ever before in Sweden. Interest in healthy and vegetarian products is also experiencing strong growth. So this is the...

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Don’t Tax Solar Electricity!

Posted date: 12 May 2015  0 Comments

Besides efficiency improvements, part of the transition away from the fossil-fuel society consists of investment in renewable electricity generation. Axfood has invested in a large-scale solar cell installation at its cold-storage facility in Gothenburg and it’s out-performed all expectations. It’s ideal that the solar cells’ peak performance in summertime coincides with the cold-storage facili...

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Could putting prawns on the red list force a solution?

Posted date: 7 March 2014  0 Comments

In February, WWF published its updated fish guide. In this guide, fish are graded on a colour scale. Recommended fish are green and fish we are advised to avoid are red. Fish on the orange list lie somewhere in-between. Axfood’s policy is to not sell red-listed fish and shellfish, unless they were purchased before they were red-listed. We want to make it easy for our customers to make informed ...

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A visit to Shanghai

Posted date: 4 November 2013  0 Comments

I am visiting Shanghai and began the week by meeting the employees of Axfood’s purchasing office. Much of what you can buy in the shops comes from China. And Axfood also imports a lot of food from China, such as noodles and soya sauces. We began the day by discussing matters relating to the purchase process, quality control and social audits. Before entering into contracts with new suppliers, a...

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Better animal welfare can reduce use of antibiotics

Posted date: 13 June 2013  1 Comments

In many European countries, large quantities of antibiotics are used in livestock farming. In fact, more antibiotics are used on healthy animals than on sick people! However there is considerable variation from country to country. The use of antibiotics in farming is considerably lower in Sweden, Norway and Finland than in other countries. Some countries also stand out for their relatively high...

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Of course customers have a right to know!

Posted date: 10 April 2013  0 Comments

Following the horsemeat scandal, there is a renewed focus on the supply chain for food and on consumer information. I am convinced that the vast majority of customers want to know where the meat in ready meals and processed products comes from. Axfood’s private labels, such as Garant, carry that information on the packaging (except for a small number for which this is not yet possible). When it...

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Eco Gala January 31

Posted date: 24 January 2013  0 Comments

Are you going to visit the Ekogalan on January 31 at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm? The gala, organized by ekoweb, will be well attended. It is the perfect opportunity for those who want to hear what is going on in the market of organic food and mingle with people who are engaged in the field. The discussions will focus much about what you can do to develop the eco market in a faster way. This y...

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New candy bags to the stores

Posted date: 28 November 2012  0 Comments

Now comes the new and improved eco bags to the candy in our stores. There has been some customer comments on that paper bags have plastic windows. The customers have pointed out that it is bad from an environmental right. It's not easy to know how to sort a bag consisting of both plastic and paper. How many people know that you should sort the paper for more than half the paper? Many peopl...

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Why doesn’t everyone carry a green bag?

Posted date: 15 September 2012  0 Comments


"Why doesn’t everyone carry a green bag?" was the title of a seminar organised by the Swedish Plastics and Chemicals Federation at Sweden’s major political gathering, Almedalen Week in Visby. I was invited to speak since Hemköp was the first to launch a "real" eco-carrier made from bioplastic last spring. Many in the industry working with the plastics of the future found it encouraging to see s...

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