Axfood’s strategy is based on five cornerstones: profitability, growth, customers, sustainable development, and employees and organization.


Axfood will be the most profitable company in the Swedish food retail market.

  • Improve effectiveness of assortment
  • Increase efficiency in logistics and at stores
  • Good cost control


Axfood aims to increase its market share. Through continued growth Axfood will consolidate its position as the number two player in Sweden’s food retail market, in both Group-owned and proprietor-run stores.

  • Drive organic growth
  • Ambitious pace of establishment
  • Grow in digital business
  • Develop service offering


Axfood strives to offer customers the best shopping experience for the respective formats’ target groups and to continuously increase its customer orientation.

  • Offer appealing stores with a wide assortment
  • Increase innovativeness in key product categories
  • Develop customer programmes and be a leader in the digital customer
  • Improve local and regional customer offerings
  • Make it easy for customers
    to make responsible choices

Sustainable development

Axfood has a clear goal for sustainability – to be the best in the industry and to have the reputation as such. This requires a long-term, systematic undertaking and that activities are followed up, evaluated and developed.

  • Be at the forefront at reducing climate impact
  • Ensure good control of the supply chain
  • Be an active and responsible societal actor

Employees and organization

Axfood wants proud and committed employees and grocers who work in concert in a costeffective organization. 

  • Attract, retain and develop employees
  • Distinguished by valuesbased leadership, employeeship and a distinctive
    Axfood culture
  • Be a customer-centric organization with strong
    entrepreneurial spirit
  • Ensure purposeful, userfriendly, cost-effective and secure HR processes

Latest update: 2/29/2016 5:45 PM