Executive Committee

Anders Strålman

President and CEO Axfood AB

Born: 1953
Employed since: 1993
Other assignments: Director
of Bergendahls El Holding, Svensk Dagligvaruhandel, Svensk Handel AB,
Returpack Svenska AB and Rabbalshede Kraft
Education: M.Sc. Econ., University of Gothenburg
Professional experience: President of Willys, CFO and CEO of Billhälls, CFO and head of operations for Bergendahls El & Installation AB.
Member of Axfood's Executive Committee since 2000
Current holdings


Karin Hygrell-Jonsson

Chief Financial Officer 

Born: 1955
Employed since: 1991
Other assignments: Director of Byggmax Group AB
Education: M.Sc. Econ., Stockholm School of Economics
Professional experience: Chief Financial Officer, Axfood AB; financial manager, Axfood AB; financial manager, Axel Johnson AB; financial manager, Dagab; Manager Cash & Currency, SAS; Banker, PKbanken.
Member of Axfood's Executive Committee since 2007
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Louise RIng

Head of Human Resources

Born: 1955
Employed since: 2003
Other assignments: Chairman of Diversity
Charter, Member of the Program
Committee for USBE’s Master’s
Programs, member of the Equality
Ombudsman’s Committee
Education: University studies in behavioural sciences, Umeå University; HR executive IFL
Professional experience: CFO and HR manager, ICA Handlarnas AB; Store manager, Head of training, organizational and operating matters, H&M.
Member of Axfood's Executive Committee since 2005
Current holdings


Jan Lindmark

Head of IT

Born: 1959
Employed since: 2001
Education: B.Sc. Econ., Stockholm University
Professional experience: IT director, Fritidsresegruppen, IT manager, Posten Brev, Consultant at Enator.
Member of Axfood's Executive Committee since 2007
Current holdings


Thomas Evertsson

President of Willys

Born: 1964
Employed since: 2008
Education: M.Sc. Econ., University of Gothenburg, School of Economics, Business and Law
Professional experience: Hypermarket manager, Head of chain operations, Coop Supermarkets, President, Coop Sverige AB; Vice President, Coop Norden AB.
Member of Axfood's Executive Committee since 2008
Current holdings



Thomas Gäreskog

President of Hemköp

Born: 1961
Employed since: 2010
Education: Secondary school diploma, business management training and leadership training
Professional experience: Store Manager ICA, several positions of trust in ICA, Regional Manager Hemköp, Sales Manager Hemköp
Member of Axfood's Executive Committee since 2012.
Current holdings


Annica Elmehagen Lundquist

Head of Corporate Communications

Born: 1969
Employed since: 2015
Other assignments: Board member, Carlssons Skola.
Education: B.A. Communications/Political Science, Uppsala University.
Professional experience: Strategic Communications Advisor, Tetra Pak Asia; Corporate Communications Director, Eniro AB; Vice President Communications, Telenor; Partner, Kreab; Senior Account Executive, PR, Microsoft North America; Manager, JKL. Member of the Executive Committee since 2015. 
Member of Axfood's Executive Committee since 2015


Nicholas Pettersson

President of Dagab

Born: 1976
Employed since: 2004
Other assignments: Chairman of Urban Deli Holding AB
Education: M.Sc. Econ., University of Växjö
Professional experience: President Axfood Närlivs, Marketing Manager Axfood Närlivs, Business Area Head Axfood Snabbgross, Supply Chain Manager AB Shell Sweden, Business Analyst Shell Detaljist AB.
Member of Axfood's Executive Committee since 2009
Current holdings


Anders Quist

Head of Business Development

Born: 1953
Employed since: 1995
Other assignments: Director of GS1 Sweden AB and Validoo AB.
Education: Secondary school diploma, grocer training, diverse training in retailing.
Professional experience: Vice President Bilhälls, Vice President Willys, Store manager, Operations manager, Grocer, Sales manager, Dagab väst.
Member of Axfood's Executive Committee since 2007
Current holdings

Eva Pettersson

President of Axfood Närlivs

Born: 1966
Employed since: 2004
Other assignments: Director, Svensk Servicehandel and Fastfood
Education: M.Sc. Econ, University of Linkoping and University of East Anglia. Management training, Novare.
Professional experience: Business Development Manager at Dagab. System Manager at Axfood IT. Consultant at Accenture AB in Food Retail.
Member of Axfood's Executive Committee since 2014
Current holdings


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