Dagab (through 2014)

Axfood’s logistics functions were coordinated in 2014 and included the transfer of Axfood Närlivs’ transport and inventory functions to Dagab. Starting on 1 January 2015, Axfood’s logistics operations – Dagab including Axfood’s Assortment & Purchasing unit – are reported as a separate segment in Axfood Sverige. Pro forma figures for 2014 for sales and operating profit are provided under Axfood Sverige.

Dagab has served as the hub of the Group’s logistics flow and has contributed, through continuous improvements, to growth in store sales and profitability. Dagab is the logistics partner for Axfood’s Willys, Hemköp and Tempo store chains. Deliveries are made to some 550 stores nationwide in Sweden from the two main distribution centres in Stockholm (Jordbro) and Gothenburg (Backa), and from two complementary cold storage warehouses in Borlänge and Jönköping.

Key ratios

2014 2013 2012
Net sales 26, 330 25, 509 24, 634
Distributed sales 18, 248 17, 817 17, 205
Operating profit 208 114 168
Operating margin, % 0.8 0.4 0.7
Average number of employees during the year 1, 135 1, 089 955
Delivery reliability* 97.2 97.5

* Delivery reliability cannot be measured at present due to the implementation of the new business system.
Amounts in SEK m unless otherwise indicated.

Business concept

Dagab helps stores boost their sales and profitability through efficient, adapted logistics solutions. 

Strengthen environmental profile

A central matter concern energy use at the distribution centres, where work has been conducted to measure and reduce energy consumption by refrigeration units.

wind power system was installed at the Jordbro and Backa distribution centres. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions from transports is a constant priority. Dagab use environmental pallets made of recyclable plastic. The pallets are stackable and considerably lighter than wooden pallets, which increases capacity utilization in trucks and reduces fuel consumption.

Solar panels turn heat into refrige ration at Dagab’s cold storage warehouse in Gothenburg.

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